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New Adventures

It’s been a busy couple of months.  I’ve effectively been out of town for five of the last ten weeks.  And playing catch-up when I was home.  So the blog has taken a back seat.  Don’t want to make that a habit!

Half way through the year and I feel very good about where I am with the de-clutter mission.  Not only have I cleaned out and sold a lot of stuff, but I’ve also changed my philosophy on acquiring more stuff.  A lot more thought goes in to any purchases I make.  Just today I returned a set of cosmetic/toiletry bags that I had ordered.  I looked at them and thought they weren’t any more functional than anything else I already owned.  Maybe not worth the $6.95 in extra shipping but a great lesson and better than having it sit in my closet for 2 years before selling in a garage sale for $5.

So overall, I feel pretty good about where I am in the process.  There are still several areas that need additional attention, but great strides have been made.  Summer weekends are the worst time for me to try and accomplish anything.  I enjoy hanging at the pool too much.  So I will likely resume this in the fall.  Stay tuned for more updates on that.

Now, for the new adventures… Hubby and I were in Cancun a few weeks ago for a little anniversary celebration.  While we were there, we participated in The Newlywed Game at the resort where we were staying.  We won!! Three free nights at the resort (with a seven night stay, but oh well!) After the contest, we met a guy who is a travel agent.  He and I were chatting and he said that I should join their agency.  It’s very egalitarian.  He has hired stay at home mothers who make 6 figures.  So with my knowledge of the travel world, it’s a great fit.  I’m not quitting my day job, but it is something I can do on the side until I build up my client base.

That’s where YOU come in.  If you are reading this, please share my information with anyone who may be interested in a very knowledgeable travel agent.  I will be posting specials that we come across, as well as travel tips.  Let me know if you have any special interests.  I’ll be glad to research any destination that appeals to you.

My travel agency contact is jennifer@imaginetravelvacations.com.  Be on the lookout for specials!  I hope to be able to help you escape soon!!