Hi There!  Thanks for stopping by. I’m married, have a teenage step son (who lives with us) and a great career.   We are relative newlyweds, after both living on our own for many, many years.  Adjusting to sharing our home, finances, parenting duties and household chores is challenging, but worth it!  We live in the Atlanta suburbs, in a fantastic neighborhood.  (Luckily my husband liked where I lived when we started dating and moved in here!) My husband and I graduated high school together and reconnected via FaceBook about three years ago, so I’m a big fan of social media. We are in our 40s now and looking forward to the rest of our lives together!

I have wanted to create a blog for a long time, but just recently found my motivation.  2014 is the year of de-clutter for me. Follow my journey as I de-clutter my home, my mind and my life.

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